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Targeting Capabilities

Right message to the right recipient. Our advanced softwares, assess the app-surfers’ interests, habits, and buying potential to enable our clients to reach the perfect user base Tapping into the customer’s emotion and their buying potential, has never been easier


Why Shoogloo

Shoogloo mobile is a blend of both brand builder and performance medium for advertiser.We have all the digital mediums available and we juice these mediums in terms of contextual innovation.

Frequency Capping, Transparency and High Quality

One of the key aspects in Mobile Advertising is Frequency Capping, Transparency and High Quality deliveries. These can be accomplished through our Mobile Platform.

Programmatic Media Buying

At Shoogloo Mobile, we employ advanced trading algorithms to give you the value for every penny you spend for media buying. By defining your campaign preferences, we are able to recommend the most effective of our service platform. These will be the most effective sources for your campaigns on every exchange, publisher or SSP.

Cross Platform Reachability

Be it your desktop, mobile, iPads or any OS, Shoogloo Mobile has Cross Platform Reachability. Due to the rapid adoption of Mobile and other smart devices, Cross Devices Platform continues to grow at a rapid rate. It also comes handy as it is very important to monitor or track a customer from these intelligent devices.

Hyper-local targeting

Another special feature of Shooglo mobile is focused communication directed towards niche audience. Our ads are creatively designed for a direct interface with our finite user

Worldwide Reach

Shoogloo Mobile has worldwide reach. We can target any client / customer, anywhere in the world, through our advanced worldwide integration with ad-exchanges and SSPs.

Self Service

One of the key areas of using Shoogloo Mobile platform is Self Service RTB Platform. You get access to a highly sophisticated automated Real Time Platform. It is self-managed giving you the access to manage or monitor your campaigns and their performance without third party intrusion. It is easy on navigation and is user-friendly as well.

Real Time Monitoring

Our advanced RTB and Reporting Suite has 24x7 real time monitoring with immediate access to reports. This allows you to optimise and target your campaigns for better ROI and Reach.

Optimized Outcome & Increased ROI

Because of our specialised bouquet of services, you can boost results, thus resulting in increased Return on Investment for you.

Relationships that say;WE

Our Clients

Our Clients are worldwide and include CheapOair, CarTrade, FlipKart, Amazon, GVK, AskMeBazaar, Droom, ShopClues to name a few.
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Real-Time Inventory System

Mobile Inventory

Cross platform and ad-exchanges with apps. Unearthing newer and modern platforms to broadcast your message. Shoogloo can promote your business through advanced channels which are embedded across 40,000+ apps.