Bhupinder Tomar

Bhupinder has spent his fifteen years managing large multi-country operations on three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe. He has deep understanding of developing markets and opportunities they present for the new media businesses. He studied law and business in India and economics at London School of Economics. In his spare time, he loves to read, appreciate art and trek in his home state of Himachal in India.

LD Sharma

“A veteran in setting up digital businesses and one of the first persons to bring Affiliate Marketing concept to India, LD Sharma is an expert at understanding and running Network Businesses. From running and managing 1000s of affiliate websites worldwide to launching the first affiliate network in India to launching Voucher / Coupons portals in over 25 countries, he is also the Founder and Managing Director of Optimise Media Group (India) & Chief International Officer (APAC) – formerly knows as OMG (Online Media Group) – a UK based Performance Marketing Group. Optimise is India’s No 1 Quality & True Affiliate Network.

Shoogloo was originally founded by LD in 2007 with offices in the India, UK and France with a focus on multiple affiliate websites catering to advertisers with highly qualified traffic mostly to travel clients and gradually focused on Voucher/Coupon websites. After relaunching Shoogloo with Bhupinder Tomar and John Porter, LD plans to make Shoogloo as one of the largest digital media houses with a clear focus on Mobile and Customer Engagement Platforms including CashBack and Reward Marketing Platforms.

LD is also an Investor with many GSF Accelerator companies and works very closely with Rajesh Sawhney.

Apart from Digital Space, LD finds time (min 2 hours daily) for Deep Meditation (Delta Waves 0.001 – 0.01 Hz), doing research on the Universal Mind (TRUTH), Consciousness and trying to find out how to increase the usage of Brain more than 12% in our day to day life. He finds time to motivate his colleagues / friends, loves his Dogs (more than himself), Hats, Boots, Pens, Watches and of course Cars. He is an active Rally Driver and participates in almost all main Rallies in India including Raid-De-Himalayas, Uttrakhand Car Rally, Dakshin Dare, Desert Storm and plans to participate / complete Dakar soon.

He says – “Everything that You Do and Achieve in Your Life, is a Product of Your Thinking and You are the Creator of the Universe because You are the Universe”

He lives in Gurgaon with his wife Anshul and two kids – son Rusheel and daughter Aananayaa.