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Expand your advertising Horizon with Shoogloo Mobile

“Shoogloo mobile is a blend of both brand builder and performance medium for advertiser. We have all the digital mediums available and we juice these mediums in terms of contextual innovation. Innovative solution for integrated goals.
The planning of any digital campaign is done basis a simple formula of 3 R’s – Reach, Reference and ROI.”

Shoogloo Mobile helps advertisers make real time media mix and performance decision to optimize marketing spend. We offer potential audience targeting and global strategic deployment.

Our system helps publisher to build a professional monetisation system. Shoogloo Mobile provide the biggest advertising budgets and the most appropriate advertisers for their media partners.

Go Programmatic with Shoogloo Mobile

Shoogloo Mobile is the world’s largest, 100% self-serve, mobile demand-side platform (DSP) for programmatic buying. SHOOGLOO removes the uncertainty and naiveness from RTB media buying even before you spend a single cent on your campaign. Using SHOOGLOO’s Campaign Planning tool you immediately get valuable insight about the media you are targeting.

Shoogloo Mobile has thousands of premium CPA/ CPI offers with highest conversion rate in the industry. 24 hours dedicated account manager with reliable payments and exclusive discount from rich traffic resources. We provide you wealth of features and support to streamline the optimization of mobile campaigns to ensure flexibility across a wide range of channels, platforms and formats.


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Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping across millions of savvy mobile users.

World Wide Reach

Worldwide integration with ad-exchanges and SSP all around the world.


Control your campaign performance outcome and target what you want.

Hyper-local targeting

Target down to a 20 Km radius. Targeting never felt so good.


Advanced algorithmic mobile media trading and optimization technologies.


Your Business. Your Goals. Define your conversion and let SHOOGLOO do the rest.


Full, Transparent, Real-time reporting and media analysis.


Data enriched and highly converting mobile media.



About Us

Shoogloo Mobile is a value added Mobile DSP/Network and is part of the Singapore based digital marketing group (Shoogloo)


Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions required to meet the needs of our client base. Shoogloo is formed with a solid team of artificial intelligence (AI) research scientists and system engineers.

Bhupinder Tomar

Bhupinder has spent his fifteen years managing large multi-country operations on three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe. He has deep understanding of developing markets and opportunities they present for the new media businesses. He studied law and business in India and economics at London School of Economics. In his spare time, he loves to read, appreciate art and trek in his home state of Himachal in India...

Bhupinder Tomar

Group CEO

LD Sharma

A veteran in setting up digital businesses and one of the first persons to bring Affiliate Marketing concept to India, LD Sharma is an expert at understanding and running Network Businesses. From running and managing 1000s of affiliate websites worldwide to launching the first affiliate network...

LD Sharma

Group Vice Chairman


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