May 2015 – RTB Micro Bidding, Performance and Location


Hi there!

The past month was all about technology, platform upgrades, advertising algorithms and innovation.

Here are our chosen highlights launched in the past month

App Campaigns performance Auto-Pilot

This month we introduced a new auto-pilot mode for promoting mobile apps. All you need to do is paste the URL if the app on the iTunes or Google Play and let us do the rest. The campaign manager will automatically analyze the app, create the campaign settings and targeting, then NUVIAD’s advanced algorithms will perform ongoing optimizations to achieve optimal performance and maximum ROI. Contact us for showcases and registration at

Dynamic RTB micro Bidding

We constantly aspire to make NUVIAD as dynamic as possible. We introduced a new tool for advanced advertisers who want more out of their RTB campaigns. Using our micro-bidding tool you can now fine tune your bid on individual segments such as:

  • Media source – Every publisher/app can have a unique bid price.
  • Device brand and model.
  • Hour of the day
  • Ad creative and size
  • User Language(by device)
  • OS version
  • …and more

Introducing SELECTIVV – NUVIAD Poland

In April we launched our first local office in Warsaw, Poland. SELECTIVV will lead all of our activities in the Polish market.

Added Location Based Insights

Taking GEO targeting performance one step forward. On every campaign, by default you can view and optimize performance by city. View, include/exclude and even bid on any given city.

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