RTB Bidding Strategies Part 1: Banner Blindness?

Many articles, posts and studies were written about Banner Blindness. Many companies offer many solutions to create attractive banners to overcome this issue. While we definitely think that this issue is important, we offer a different way to address this issue – simply exclude these users from your campaigns.

Unlike old media buying methods where the advertiser of media buyer could not cherry-pick the users, Real Time Bidding allows media buyers to target specific users provided that the DSP or Exchange analyzes the user behavior when faced with advertising.

When running campaigns on the NUVIAD platform either via the dashboard or when connected to the platform via OpenRTB you have the option to block users that historically perform poorly:


The NUVIAD server measures the performance of each user identified on the system across all exchanges and filters our users that do not actively participate in advertising campaigns. This simple checkbox results in significant ROI improvement for your media budget.

Happy bidding.


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